RAJASTHAN TRAVEL GUIDE. Jaw-dropping forts & havelis; commendable folk music; myriad tales of chivalry and mouth-watering food welcome you to the culturally wealthy state of Rajasthan. The land of turbans, moustache, ghoonghat and camels, Rajasthan is an unparalleled tourist destination when it comes to culture and heritage tourism in India. Home to famed tigers like Machhali, the desert state also boasts memorable wildlife adventure. Brace yourself for heart-warming hospitality; luxurious stays and unforgettable experiences.

Capital: Jaipur Location: Northern India


Winters (October to March) is an ideal time to pay a visit to Rajasthan.


To Experience Heritage Forts, Palaces, Mansions (havelis), Wildlife, Sand Dunes, Lakes, Religious Places, Fairs and Festivals, Desert Safaris, handicrafts shopping, etc.


24°C to 45°C

(April to June)

21°C to 35°C

(July to September)

10°C to 27°C

(October to February)

Top Tourist Places and Attractions in Rajasthan



The ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur was named after Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who founded the city on November 18, 1727. Jaipur along with Delhi and Agra forms the India’s Golden Triangle. Which is the most popular tourist circuit in India. This capital of Rajasthan is also a gateway to other tourist places like Ajmer, Pushkar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Mount Abu in the state.



Udaipur city is situated 598 metre above sea level in the southern part of the Indian state, Rajasthan. It has an area of 37 square kilometres and is located on the southern slope of the mighty Aravalli hills which separates the city from the Thar desert. Northern Udaipur comprises of plateaus while the eastern side of the city has vast fertile plains. Southern part of this beautiful city comprises of rocks, hills and forests.



Jodhpur is a sunny city set against a bright blue sky. A popular travel destination in Rajasthan Jodhpur was formerly the capital of the Marwar kingdom. A city grew outside the limits of the fort in olden times. Modern Jodhpur has grown and expanded though its palaces, forts and temples are favoured tourist attractions featuring beautiful architecture cradled in the sandy folds of the Thar Desert. A proper holiday guide to Jodhpur will enable you to plan your next vacation where there is so much to experience and enjoy.



Vibrant deserts, fabulous forts, desert safaris make Bikaner a blooming beauty in the Thar desert. The city is adorned with gigantic and spectacular forts and palaces that tell the world about the opulence of its rulers. Such strong are these forts that even after so many years of their construction, they stood tall unspoiled and withstood the passage of time. Apart from the historical vestiges, the city is the center of attraction for food lovers due to its yummy snacks.



An emerald oasis, Ajmer lies in a valley encircled by the ancient Aravalli Range in the state of Rajasthan. Ajmer was named after Ajay Meru which means the ‘Invincible Mountain’ referring to the Taragarh hill along the slope of which Ajmer is situated. It is a heritage city receiving aid from the Indian government’s Yojana Scheme. It lies to the west of Jaipur. Ajmer Sharif and Adhai Din ka Jhonpra are two popular tourism places Ajmer is known for.

Mount Abu


Mount Abu in the Sirohi District of Rajasthan is beautiful and one and only hill station in Rajasthan. It is one of the most popular retreats for vacationers and even honeymoon couples. With a distinctive blend of the flavours of Rajasthan, Mount Abu has some of the best places to visit like Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Achal Garh, Guru Shikhar, Adhar Devi, Sunset Point, Trevor’s crocodile Park, Wildlife Sanctuary and Gaumukh.


Pushkar is an important centre of pilgrimage for Hindus. The place has a magnetic appeal with 400 temples that are blue white and a number of bathing ghats. The town resounds with chanting of prayers and religious songs, along with drums and gongs. Pushkar is a happy tourist attraction and the main marketing spot sells didgeridoos(Australian wind music instrument), scarves in tie and dye, to the mix of eager tourists flocking from the world over. There is a dash of commercialism but the town retains a mystique. The Nag Pahar is a small hill which separates Pushkar from Ajmer a mere 11 km apart.

An Insight into Rajasthan Tourism

“A Land of Brave Men, Exceptional Tales, Exotic Architecture, Vibrant Culture and Warm Hospitality”

A state that invites visitors with melodic tune of ‘Padhaaro Maare Desh’(Come to My Land), Rajasthan beckons the rich culture and history of India. Most of us recognize Rajasthan as a state of vibrant folk dance and music, gigantic forts and palaces, spicy food, colourful and large turbans, extensive golden sand desert, camels and the pride of Rajasthani men, Moochh (Moustache). Thus making it an incredible place to visit and enjoy unforgettable holidays. Sprawling in an area of 342239 sq km, Rajasthan is a North Indian state which seems befitting for visitors of all ages. In other words, tours in Rajasthan are a way to acquaint one with history, culture, wildlife and nature along with adventure of a place that is just so exceptional. RAJASTHAN TRAVEL GUIDE

The capital, Jaipur is an interface for the state as it is dotted with majestic forts and palaces, lakes and monuments and has many other attractions like Chokhi Dhani. that beckons to the tourists as to what they are about to witness in the other cities/villages of Rajasthan. The air of Rajasthan smells of cultural opulence and it is just not the ancient architecture that is worth praising here but the cities of the state like Jodhpur that are filled with modern day palaces that offer the same elegance and majesty. One thing that catches the eye while going through the Rajasthan travel guide is the urban areas of the state that have imperishable connection with the culture and tradition. There still exist number of fairs and festivals that celebrate age- old traditions and rituals. The flamboyant manner in which even the cattle fairs take place in tourist places like Pushkar and Nagaur is truly something to behold. Rajasthanis are known for observing each religious ritual without even turning a bit left or right and this very fact has added to the reason why everyone must visit Rajasthan. Amongst the most popular fairs and festivals are Gangaur, Elephant, Teej, Mewar, Marwar, Kite, Baneshwar and plenty of others that can be enjoyed around the year. RAJASTHAN TRAVEL GUIDE

Another feather in the cap of Rajasthan tourism is the hot and tangy cuisine that can offer a different experience after all. Those with the fetish for food would feel delighted to find a variety of dishes that not only tingle the taste buds but narrate tales of how the cuisine came to the rescue of the Rajasthanis with tough lifestyle. Apart from it, the food of Rajasthan certainly speaks a lot about the taste choice of the royals and the unique cooking style of those who served them. Be it snacks like Pyaaz ki Kachori, Mawa Kachori, Shahi Samosas, Mirchi Bada and Bikaneri Bhujia or the fame vegetarian delights that of Daal Baati Churma, Govind Gatte or Besan Gatte, Gwar ki Fali ka Saag or the royal gourmet choices of Laal Maas and Rajasthani Murg Mussallam, everything has a taste that strikes an indelible mark in one’s memory. Indeed, it is not for nothing Rajasthan is an ideal holiday destination in India especially for the food connoisseur and those who let themselves imbibe the culture and traditions and instead of being visitors become one of the locals.

The most prominent as well as most talked about aspect is architecture in Rajasthan. The entire state is replete with Havelis and Forts that flaunt fine specimen of architecture that majorly ornate the top tourist attractions in Rajasthan. RAJASTHAN TRAVEL GUIDE

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