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Explore the beauty of India. India called Hindustan, is a country in South-Asia and here we can see many beautiful places. Taj Mahel in Agra and snow of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Wildlife sanctuaries in India and Hill station with beautiful points. Beaches with all water sports like scuba diving in Tarkarli, which is located in Maharashtra and so many more places to explore in India.


India is a Republic and an Independent country, which is located in South  Asia with 29 States and 8 Union territories. Connected with the Indian ocean on the south and the Arabian sea on the southwest and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast region. India shares the land border with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In the Indian Ocean, India is surrounding of Sri Lanka, and Maldives.

Interesting Facts About India Tourism

India is a great mixture of diverse culture, tradition, landscape, religion, festivals, orgasmic cuisines and more. It is the union of states, that are marked with main attractions. Lots of foreign travelers from all around the world. Because of this it is no overstatement to say that one lifetime is not enough to savor the sights. Sounds and experiences that this wonderful country has to offer. Right  from the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir in the north. Kerala in South. Arunachal Pradesh to the east also to legendary Gujarat at west. Because of this it has a whole lot to offer. The Himalayan peaks and the wide-ranging deserts offer some of the most stunning experiences in world.
Come and Explore one of the seven wonders of the World- Taj Mahal in Agra. The enigma behind several imposing havelis and mahels of Rajasthan. Offer heartfelt prayer at historic Gompas of Gangtok. Boating through the backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat and get charm with world’s largest salt desert, Great Rann of Kutch. These country but also a boasts of Goa and Andaman and Nicobar Islands that are like storehouses of a number of beautiful beaches. Moreover, India is a place of many religions, thus it is home to innumerable temple and religious site belonging to all faiths and all the religious sites are not only highly revered places of worship but are architectural marvels too. In India there are 100+ festivals some main festivals are New year and Holi which is celebrated in Maharashtra. Eid with all Hindu brothers and sisiter. Gudi padva called as new year of Maharashtran. Moharam the sad days of our Muslims family. Good Friday of Christians. Diwali which is the best ferstivals among all. Ganesh Chaturthi in all part of India and Christmas in December.   
Because of this several unique attractions, India is known for its own matchless charm. Plan a trip to India and make your vacation a memorable and the best ever visited place.

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Explore The Beauty of India

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